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Did you Know
Talk about 21st Century jobs Social media job
INtro of NETS and P21 Teachers and Students
Communication and collaboration
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Questions in small groups
  • What are your initial reactions to what you saw in the presentation?
  • How are these changes manifesting themselves in your personal lives? professional lives?
  • What do we think it means to prepare students for the 21st century? What skills do students need to survive and thrive in this new era?
  • What implications does this have for our current way of doing things?
  • Do we need to change? If so, how?
  • How do we get from here to there?
  • What challenges must we overcome as we move forward?
  • What supports will we need as we move forward?
  • What kind of training will we need to move forward?
  • What kind of commitments will we need to make (with each other, our students, and our community) to move forward?
  • Who's scared? Why?
  • What will we do next? What are some concrete actions that we can take in the near future?
  • Is it possible for a teacher to be an excellent teacher if he/she does not use technology? [see this key questionfor another way to ask this]
Key question?
Google docs
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TOday's Tool: Social Bookmarking

Laura Stockman Example?



Blogging examples from SNB

Collaborative Document writing?

Digital Literacy assignment

Pick the Content
Choose the Strategy
Choose the Tool
Create the Learning Activity

Research and Information Fluency
Networked Student?
Critical Thinking

Digital Citozenship

Final Project?

Creating Mini-Units of Inquiry

5. Looking at national and state standards choose possible topics and a couple possible objectives you could cover under this topic (this will be adjusted).
6. Decide on a passion-based theme for your unit. (Skateboarding to teach landforms, simple machines, geometry, bios of skateboarders, geography of where they live, etc.)
7. Create a topical map and then a subject map (choose one or two areas to develop learning activities) Mind Mapping Tools
8. Decide on a kickoff activity -Arouse students’ curiosity and interest with stimulating introduction. Consider visual display of theme as well as introductory activities.
9. Create 2-3 learning activities that teach the objectives you selected from standards. Use Web 2.0 tools as the participatory medium. How will you evaluate mastery of the objectives? Make sure your activities are cross curricular in nature.
10. Decide on a culminating event. Make sure your event includes others and highlights student created artifacts.