Class Tools(1)


Websites that allow an author to publish instantly on the internet. They can be interactive, allowing teachers and students to begin conversations or add to the information published there.


A collaborative Webspace where anyone can add content that has already been published.

Rich Site Summary (RSS)

A technology that allows educators to subscribe to "feeds" of the content that is created on the internet. Content comes to the reader instead of the reader retrieving the content.


Collects and organizes the content generated in an RSS feed.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking sites allow users to save and archive entire web pages thus producing a form of searchable "personal Internet". Teachers and students can build subject specific resource lists that they can easily share through RSS. This creates a community of information gatherers.

Online Photo Galleries

Publishing digital photos to the Web means becoming a part of a community of photographers sharing ideas and experiences.


Voice and video files distributed via the Internet.

Other Class Tools

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by: Thomas Hawk